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    About Zenia

    Zenia is an innovative insurance buying platform that makes it easy to get workers' compensation insurance to protect your business.

    We combine the expert advice of independent IOA agents with the unrivaled expertise of Zenith Insurance Company to offer simple and transparent workers' compensation insurance for small businesses.

    You can get a quote online by answering a few questions about your business, or you can call an IOA agent to guide you through the process.

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    Expert Advisors

    Insurance Office of America (IOA) is an independent agency that sells insurance nationwide. When you buy insurance through Zenia, licensed IOA experts are available to support you — online or on the phone. If you have any questions, they'll guide you through the process.

    To learn more, visit the
    IOA website.

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    Powered by Zenith

    Zenia is powered by Zenith, the premier workers' compensation specialist. When you buy your policy, you'll gain access to Zenith resources.

    Teams of specialists are available to help you at any stage including:

    • Safety professionals
    • Claims professionals
    • In-house nursing staff
    • Legal advisors
    • Fraud investigators
    • Medical cost containment strategists
    • Board-certified physicians
    These specialists work together to ensure your employees get the right care so they can recover and return to work as soon as possible.

    To learn more, visit
    Zenith's website.